Breakout Logo  


Breakout Educational Network is a registered charitable educational organization with two key mandates:
    I. To conduct independent research and produce materials that will educate citizens on matters of public policy.
    II. To develop community, television, media and educational outreach projects that disseminates and publicizes
        its work

Management Team
President: Inta D. Erwin
Project Director: Robert Roy
Director, Community Outreach: John Richmond

Board of Directors
Chairman and Secretary: John S. Elder
Director: Sandy Baptist
Director: Douglas Bland
Chairman of Education: J. Patrick Boyer

Operating Offices
Breakout Educational Network 1200 Bay Street, Suite 304
Toronto, On M5R 2A5


To examine the underlying reasons Canadian public policy is often ineffective in accomplishing its objectives; and by means of education and information, disseminate our findings by mass communication to the largest public audience in order to facilitate positive public change in how Canadians are governed.

To carry out the objectives of the Corporation as approved by the Canada Corporations Act.

They are:

  • undertaking research in cultural, political, social and economic, including commercial and economic fields;
    rendering assistance to the government and the general Canadian policy by providing public information
    collected as the result of research carried on under the auspices of the corporation;

  • producing educational materials, books, videos, films, conferences, and television programs based on
    the corporation’s research and relating to Canadian social, cultural, economic and political themes and topics; and

  • coordinating activities of the corporation with those of other charitable organizations, institutions, agencies or
    individuals carrying on activities with similar objectives to those of the corporation.